Friday, July 24, 2009

Jill and Kevin Heinz Wedding

And you want to remain bearish and glum?


X said...

So, ZH has now started fabricating data. Or maybe its the hat tip JB chap. See Market Rips, Short Interest plunges comment

I was not getting the same data when i ran SIA on bberg. So i started to play around to see how anyone could have created this chart. It seems that the Short Interest and the % SI change columns were created separately (for example Short Interest column used the NASDAQ only Exchange data) ... and these were photoshopped over the All Securities view.

The real SIA says Short Interest is down 15%. Hat tip JB must be short and suffering

Palmoni said...

I saw that, but left the office, and I said no way was that right but didn't have time to look it over! I'm glad you checked it out!

Those figures I can deal with!

Hat tip X!