Thursday, July 23, 2009

MMM rocks!

$1.20 versus .94 estimates.

On my DOW piece Sunday, I had a year-end target for this number at 77. It's now on its way!

Wait--maybe Joe Weisenthal will come out with another hack piece, saying that sales are down so the market is going to hell! And he calls sales earnings!

Why doesn't anyone call him out on that? Didn't the world call Obama on March 3th when he said the profit earnings ratio? The bloggers had a field day with that.

Did it mean anything?

It was the same a few days ago, with the $23.7 trillion figure bandied about, that supposedly our Fed was on the hook for. That is, only if we have a nuclear explosion of the earth, and no-one is left!

Just meaningless drivel.

These blogs are like the toilets in China.

They're four star, but it's just a place for sh*t!

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