Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two weeks with Carnac the Magnificent!

So the futures are down on Amazon's miss, and we are supposed to be scared. So I guess I'll beat my chest like Tarzan, put out a silly picture, and advertise some calls made here in just the last ten days or so.

Just to show you that you can swim in the Amazon!

So weren't HIG and LNC touted just 7 trading days ago at 11.31 and 15.45? And didn't they close at 14.38 and 18.26, up 27% each?

Two 27% movers in, and the bears think people are going to stay away from the stock market?

How about BUCY last weekend at 28.92. It's at 33.25 in the after-hours and going higher. That's 15% in four days. URI is 11% higher also.

How about my cement plays VMC at 40.62 and EXP at 22.72 just 10 days ago? Didn't they close today at 46.77 and 28.54? That's 15% and 26%!

I touted options on Berkshire Hathaway two days ago. They are up 40% already.

How about my CAT options. You only had 500% on these numbers in three days!

You had the play on AAPL before earnings, and cash for the gold bugs--two 15% plays, and two 10% plays, in less than a week.

You had the play on Harmon twice! In the pre-market it was up 50% on the fake take-over story. And I touted it again at 21.33 when someone puked this number up!

You had the bottom in oil at 59, and ICE at 85 here.

And on Tuesday July 14, before the open, and before this market took off, before oil rallied, and before bonds sold off you had this:

Bullet points

  • Oil bottomed at $59 the other day, as advertised here. It is a BUY.
  • Bonds are done rallying. They are now SELLS, as they were on January 1.
  • The market sell-off is now OVER.

And you had a "flash" piece on Meredith Whitney, and the inimitable Harry Crumb here and here!

And now Sitting Bull! Carnac!


Anonymous said...

MSFT---------- 24.29------------ 27
you need to re-think your thesis, MSFT is not gonna see 27 for a long time. No need to quote your other "targets", they are taken out of your a$$ as well.

palmoni said...

Hardly--27 by year end?--Windows 7 is a much better operating system, and it isn't compatible with XP, of which most people use, as they didn't upgrade to Vista.

After all what was the biggest drop in MSFT quarter? Windows client revenue! Down 28%.

So going forward MSFT will have a new OS, and I'm supposed to be scared?


palmoni said...

furthermore didn't MSFT just launch bing? We agree that it is a much better search engine than their previous offerings..Didn't they have an expense for that?

So MSFT lost $732 million in online services.

Big deal. Your thesis is found wanting.

X said...

Loaded up on MSFT today. New product cycle can only help