Sunday, July 26, 2009

CEO of Kuwait's Al-Raya commits suicide

Supposedly Middle Eastern companies were making bids for Textron and Harmon International. The bids were phony, but the profits on the buyers who sold on the news was real.

Now that the SEC has investigated, Al-Raya's CEO Hazem Khalid Al-Braikan was found dead.

Citigroup owned 10% of Al-Raya.

The SEC officials should do some digging at Citigroup and see what their positions in these numbers were.

Ex Citi bigwig, and ex Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, did many, many, many multiple times more damage to Citigroup than what these couple press releases from Kuwait did.

But no-one from the SEC deems it important enough to investigate Rubin's misstatements!

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