Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Caterpillar Rocks!!!

CAT's metamorphosis!

Raised guidance, and the stock is above 40!!!!

After every shill on the street downgraded it!! And after every shill said that there wasn't a catalyst for the stock to move!

But thank goodness for the savior of mankind, Mr. Bernanke. Ohh we must give him some credit. Otherwise we would of been in a world wide depression, and CAT tractors would be rotting out in the fields!


At least one shill called it right. As I recall, "So take the calls. Heck the July 35s are a nickel and the August 36's are .88. They're dirt cheap. And soon CAT will be shoveling dirt on those short!"

Looks like someone is buried!!

Heck, I had a 42 target on CAT on my piece on the Dow. Whoops. Looks like that will be understated also.

I must of been playing AAPL's game!!

Hah!! I'll take the 500% on the rest of my calls from the Wall Street sheep!!

From 33 and change--touted here Wednesday!


As advertised!!!!!!!!!!!

TIVO that bears!!!!!!!!!

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