Friday, July 24, 2009

MSFT and the market

What happened to the massive drop in the futiures that we were supposed to see after MSFT's miss and AMZN? Weren't we assurred that the market was then going to rollover and puke?

Two things on MSFT. They have a new operating system, Windows 7, and and they spent money putting out bing--So Windows client revenue was down 28%, and online services lost $732 million.

So sweat Mr. Softee all you want, and try and extrapolate it to the rest of the market, and sell stocks and go short because of it, and you'll be just wrong.

It means nothing, and you that have their hopes that this will mean something, will have your hopes displaced.

The only ones selling on MSFT on this news, were those short, trying to make the market appear to say something, and those re-allocating money from MSFT, into something that moves.

Because where are these same folks that sold last night this morning?


And the bulls are eating eggs for breakfast!

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