Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dow 9,000--Just a baby step!

Dow 9,000? How about 44,000?

SPX 965? Bears thinking we are exhausting ourselves? Maybe they should try 4,444.

You think that is ridiculous?

Maybe you should re-read what was written on March 12!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wall Street's recovery

It's the bull market of the beast.

The low in the S&P was 666.

The low in 1982, on the DOW was 777 before it's 18 year run.

And when the market crashed in October of 1987, to the high in 2000, the S&P had moved 666%, and it took 3,141 trading days (pi).

So let's take the S&P low of 666.666 X 666.666% and we have a target of 4,444 in the S&P.

Since I was born at 4:44 AM, on this earth that spins around the sun at 66,666 miles an hour, I'll take those numbers.

But no one else will. The bulls flip to bears when the market stalls, just like a sober alcoholic goes back to his drink.

The bears can't go in the bull camp because their positions are contrary to it, and so is the news.

And like an alcoholic, who thinks a drink will make him feel better, they go back to their shorting ways, not realizing that the punch bowl for the bears has been taken away, and the market is on the road to recovery.

So I threw in some math, that only someone with "wet brain" would appreciate.

The market just got it's white chip.

It's not going into relapse yet!

The green chip comes in 90 days.

And that's when the bears will sober up!

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