Thursday, July 30, 2009

What was the story again?

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GE upgraded? By Goldman?

What was the story again?

Wasn't GE Capital's latest presentation roundly disparged by those who were so "smart?" Go to their website if you didn't read it.

And why was GE disparaged? Wasn't it because the metrics were under the Fed's "stress test" scenario?

Did trading on that make you any money?

Didn't I have a target of 18 on (GE) this number on my DOW year end piece? In fact, isn't the DOW target of 10,270 now looking light? And if that doesn't look light to you, than you aren't looking at the same market that I am at.

How about the banks, when they sold them off last week. At least here, didn't I say that it meant nothing? And that you had to buy that selloff? Did that make you money?

How about those that said they were now ready to roll-over and puke? Did that make you money?

You better get some rose colored glasses, instead of listening to Mr. Rosenberg!

How about the Durable Goods number?

What was that story again?

Wasn't that supposed to be bad?

Didn't Goldman say that it was "broadly positive?"

Didn't we sell of 70 points on that number yesterday? And aren't we now 130 points higher than when "they" sold it off?

So what was that story again?

How about PIMCO last night?

Wasn't their latest missive about the structural "new normal" and didn't we hear that the the market was on a "sugar high " yesterday?

Did that make you any money?

Listening to that?

How about bonds?

What was that story again?

5 year to 2.68 from 2.63, too much supply coming on the market--we'll never be able to absorb it.

Wasn't that the story again?

Indirect bids were less than 37%--Oh my!!!

Oh my--Stocks are higher!!!

What was that story again?

How about the 10 minute trade yesterday on HIG and FLS before earnings? Weren't these supposed to be pukish also? Come on, I pounded the table on HIG at 6.66, and then 11 and change last week. Isn't it now over 16?

What happened to that story? Book is now 33!

Oooo--but I'm supposed to be scared!!!

Oh make me gag, bears.

How about FLS? Didn't they raise guidance?

Even though we heard all their customers weren't going to buy?

What was that story again?

How about this.

We go to NEW HIGHS by next year.

Get ready for that story.

Because you'll hear about it, here, and often.

Because it's happening.

And we're just getting started!

As advertised!!


X said...

Thats why i call them ZeroEdge !

Palmoni said...

They're just missing street smarts!