Friday, July 17, 2009

The Botero bottom!

You bears still looking for a bottom?

Look closely and you may be able to spot one at the Plaza Botero.

It's real tough to see, just like the one on Wall Street!


Anonymous said...

What the heck you doing in Columbia?!?


Palmoni said...

Helicoptering into jungle tomorrow, as long as the weather is fine.

You would not believe the stuff that has already happened.

One heck of a story--wait until I tell you about it.

Talk about a David vs Goliath story!!!

And so far the rocks are in the sling!

X said...

Columbian bottoms !! I have experienced some myself. Beats me reading research here! So the latest bear case is that companies are beating on margins but revenues are declining. Huh? How on earth could Q2 revs grow or beat when GDP was declining -5% or so.

X said...

What are your best ideas mate - mine remain steel, tech and EM.

Anonymous said...

This coming week, with Options Expiration week out of the way, and more earnings out of the USA, observe Shanghai and the US Dollar.

Euro above 1.45 to the Dollar can mean further positive performance of global equities. Shanghai Composite is comfortably in bubble territory right now and that bubble may pop any moment. I don’t believe in the Chinese revival fundamentally, and China’s stock markets have led the way down and recovered first among major stock markets. So watch it closely, because it might decide the fate of global markets.