Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sandisk pops-As advertised!

I mentioned this number three times in the last three weeks:

Sandisk is trading at 15, with a market cap of $3.37 billion, with almost $2.5 billion in cash. Is the takeout value of this company worth more than it's current market cap? A week ago today, Cramer ended his show telling people to sell the banks, right before the huge rally. Now he's screaming he doesn't have any tech. Which means you have to start to take some positions in at least a couple of names.

Sandisk (SNDK 14.57) traded 24 million shares today, after 48 million shares yesterday. The Sept 15 calls closed at $1.15. It's a cheap way to play the recovery in flash.And with the amount of cash on SNDK's balance sheet, it's also a cheap enough stock that someone could start a buyout rumour.

So two tech stocks with decidedly higher enterprise values than their current stock price, with decidedly negative Wall Street analysts, with huge short positions, and with charts and stock action that indicate a bottom has been put in are SanDisk (SNDK 15.24) and Garmin (GRMN 37.83). They are worth a look. And unlike Oz, when you peel behind the curtain, they look better than they appear! Especially if you like to sleuth!

The September 15 calls closed today $3.15. A triple from when I mentioned it.

But here's the story on the stock. There were takeover rumors that Seagate was interested in buying SanDisk:

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- The rumors were flying at the Flash Memory Summit here. The big rumor is that Seagate Technology Inc. is interested in buying all or part of SanDisk Corp., according to sources in the industry. Some analysts dismissed the rumor, saying it would be a bad marriage.;jsessionid=IX3RXBWYX4AW2QSNDLSCKHA?articleID=210004140

Cowen & Co re-iterated their underperform on SanDisk today and said a takeover would be unlikely with Seagate.

I said before, that SanDisk looks better than it appears, especially if you like to sleuth.

I'll let that statement speak for itself.

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