Friday, August 8, 2008

Allegheny Tech getting action

Who needs a takeover with this number? It's dirt cheap!

The insiders have been buying:

And it could be a good "Pac-Man" defense, whereby it gets acquired instead of the acquirer getting picked off.

I mentioned this number here, on July 31, saying it could be rumoured as a takeover candidate, in a couple weeks after the insider buys have been "seasoned" enough.

The street is starting those whispers today. They also picked up 7,000 of the August 50 calls.

The stock is cheap. And with oil coming down, maybe some of these airline companies will start buying some planes again. Wall Street thinks that will never happen.

I flew on US Air the other day, with their "ala carte" service. $2 for a Coke, $7 for a drink, $17 for your first bag, and $102 for your third.

I was stuck on the tarmac for an hour, because the weather was bad, and I heard a passenger say, "These airlines can't make money! All the money they got for drinks they burned up in jet fuel."

And that sums up the bears arguments. They didn't look at this as an isolated event. They didn't notice there wasn't an empty seat on the plane. And they didn't notice everyone paying to drink or to check their luggage. And the passenger, probably forgot that the price of fuel is going down, further and faster than most believe.

I guess it's hard to get bullish, when your bearish bets are starting to implode, and they can't match the prices with the news.

But my 2nd grade nephew has more sense than most of them. I asked him, what was better to buy a stock, when it's price is high or low.

He said this:

"Well, if the stock price is high it means the company is doing well, but you are paying more for it. If the stock price is low, it means the company is doing poor, but it doesn't cost you as much to buy it." Then he looked at CNBC and said, "Oil was at $116.74 when I last looked, and now if it falls another penny it will be $115 (It was trading at 116.02-115.96). I guess if gas goes down, even poor companies will do better."

Now his Dad has a building company, and his Grandfather has a industrial chemical company, so I suppose he might be more in tune with things than the average 2nd grader.

Or for that matter, the average short on the street!

At least he understands reflexivity!

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