Friday, August 8, 2008

ABC Supply

ABC is America's largest roofing siding and windows wholesaler. But they just sent a letter to their customers saying, "We are recommending to all of our customers that they avoid locking pricing into any of their contracts until the pricing stabilizes."

Asphalt shingle pricing has been up 80% YTD, and vinyl siding and aluminum products up 30%. Yet the prices of homes are going down? Not to build them!

But these wholesalers know that these elevated prices are too high.

Shouldn't you?


Anonymous said...

So don't build any more homes until the inventory drops and then the builders and suppliers who are still in business can get cheap materials.

Anonymous said...

What if the dollar rise today and oil sinking is signaling the start of a deflationary spiral? Everything will be cheaper, especially stocks. Ha Ha.

Palmoni said...

It's not a deflationary spiral. That's just what those that are bearish want people belive. ie We must have a depression, thus sell stocks etc.

Oil is going down to $100 At that point it will be time to check th edemand component

Anonymous said...

Oil went back up today.

Palmoni said...

Oil may rally from here. But I don't think it will stay.