Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brett's a Jet!

I didn't see that coming. Now I may have some extra Tampa Bay and Packer tickets! But then I didn't know about this!

One of the points in the Jets’ pitch was that Johnson owns about 1,000 acres of land within 5 minutes of the team’s training facility, and Favre could hunt there whenever he wants. The Jets' officials not only worked hard to convince Favre, but they also talked to his wife, Deanna, and one of his brothers, Scott, about the benefits of playing for them.

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Anonymous said...

Spent this evening on JS Online Packer Plus and others - it's quite sad and painful. I hope to God that Aaron has a good year, and Brett does also, it would be nice to see him continue to extend his streak and TD records - hopefully more to our old friend Bubba. He gave us 16 great years, and yes, all good things do come to pass. BTW, enjoy your weekend back home, I'm up there in two weeks...