Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dylan Rattigan "teleportation"

There was a joke on CNBC because Dylan was on Conan O'Brian, and his solution to the energy crisis was "teleportation."

Well, sort of.

A BCE (Bose Einstein condensate), is a millionth billionth of a degree above absolute zero. At that temperature, all the atoms vibrate together. Blast it with rubidium atoms, and the energy gets released as light.

And the light beam, then retains all the quantum information of the BCE. Hit another BCE with that light beam, and everything is then "transported" as it converts the light into the original matter.

Now you have teleportation without using energy.

At least on a "theoretical" level.

But in theory, weren't these AAA securities protected also?

That's what happen when these physicists develop structured products.

Eventually things blow up!

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