Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who's your Daddy?

The WSJ has an article on why CIT wasn't getting any funding:

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has resisted letting CIT into the government debt-guarantee program in part because of its weak financial state. Some government officials also believe CIT's customers could find new lenders, such as Wells Fargo & Co., General Electric Co.'s General Electric Capital Corp. and local banks.

Apparently CIT, didn't know who their Daddy was. But GE and WFC do!

But maybe the folks at Treasury will have a sense of humor. Check out this Obama basher, starting at about 2:30 into it. After his "Who's Your Daddy" rant, he then disavows what he just said.

Sort of like what the bears had to do today, when they found out, once more, who their Daddy is!

But if you can't laugh at this guy, you can't laugh with anybody. And if you on the left, can't find the humor in this "Who's your Daddy" tribute, then, what else what I supposed to use?

A Benny Benassi video?

That wouldn't be right.

So I was left with no choice!

Just like the bears! Their statements of a retest of the lows, make about as much sense as the good Reverend above! But they sure cloak it in the veneer of respectability!

But I do have just one question for the ursine bunch.

Who's your Daddy, now?

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