Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Smart Cars" The beneficiary of the cash for clunkers stimulus?

Barclays is saying that the cash for clunkers bills will add materially to GDP. We'll see. We know it will surely be a stimulus for "Smart Cars."

Here's the deal with that.

Turn in your clunker, and use the $4,500 downstroke from the Government as your down payment. You now pay $99 a month for three years, with a $6,666 balloon at the end, if you want to "keep it." No down payment required.

I know fifteen people that have already signed up for the program.

Granted, I no longer live in the snow, and being in a college town, I suppose I know too many broke young people that are environmentally aware who think these cars are "trendy" to be a representative sample, (they also plant a tree if you buy one) but if you really own a clunker, doesn't that by definition mean you are watching your money?

Look at the view count of the crash test on this smart car. It's over 11 million people.

Doesn't that mean that others are thinking of the same thing?


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