Monday, July 13, 2009

Revisiting Meredith

I suppose no-one caught this this morning in my "Bare Market Babes" story this morning entitled "The bears weren't sticking to the script!"

Which leads us back to my piece on Meredith Whitney on March 17, One Femme Fatale's fatal flaw.

If you didn't read it, it might behoove you to read it again!

In it I made a Hollywood comparison--reel life versus real life. About Ms. Stone I said, "Her bare days were over, but she didn't know it! She needed to change her role!"

And about Ms. Whitney I said, "Like Ms. Stone, Ms. Whitney needed to change her role. And just like Ms. Stone, Ms. Whitney's bear days are over, but she doesn't yet know it."

And I said that Ms. Whitney, "It's time for her to take the veil off, or she will be left with Catherine Trammel's shroud! She needs to take her pick!"

Today Meredith took her pick.

So finally, that post can see the light of day!

After all, she wants her crown back!

Some people may find it a shame that Meredith Whitney had to switch sides, because now the only "Basic Instinct" spokeperson we have left is Ann Coulter!

And that ain't right!


Anonymous said...

who is she...and wow

Palmoni said...

She's a right winger commentator/author with a penchant for flashing her commentators when she doesn't get her way. Take a look at this video of her with Harry Smith.

This time, he actually had to put his hand in front of the flash to prevent bushgate! Look at 16 seconds into the clip. The clip from the other angle, behind Harry Smith, has now been removed.

Probably why he then got so heated with her!

He was p*ssed she tried to manipulate him.

Anonymous said...

wow that's like her signature move