Monday, July 6, 2009

The muffin top

They're everywhere!

Didn't you see these out on the 4th?

But now, they have invaded Wall Street, and that's what is making this game trickier for the bulls and the bears.

Do any of the bulls want to give back their profits?

And don't the bears want to press their shorts?

Instead, we get the muffin market.

When you think it's ready to roll-over, it's just a muff. And when you think it's ready to ramp, it's just another muff!

It's the muffin top.

Nobody likes em, but everyone is wearing 'em, and even MSN talks about 'em.

And unfortunately, the cure ain't quick!

But it's either a muffin top, or Dennis Kneale in a thong!

So you have to take the cupcake, and pass on the beefcake!

And that's hardly a choice!

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