Monday, July 6, 2009

The Glozel conspiracy

Remember the Glozels?

In March of 1924, a cow fell down on a hole in a farm, and scholars assumed they had stumbled across a cremation grave. At first, they thought this was a hoax, then a great find, and then a hoax. It was later discredited in a nebulous lawsuit. Fifty years later, thermoluminescence dating showed the items to between 600 BC to 200 AD, and much of the 3,000 artifacts were now believed to be genuine. (Depending of course, what your rooting interest was!)

Now if this happened in the Internet age, the skull on the right, would of been declared the "Face of Mars."

Remember the first pictures of the "face on Mars" in July of 1976?

It's the face of the original Glozels!

Now maybe this is written tongue in cheek, but don't we make the same deductions each day in the market? We gets bit of information, and in a couple of minutes, we have spun our own version of truth, and have given our intrepretation of what it means.

But we don't have the luxury of 50 years before we are discredited.

Sometimes we are lucky if we only have 50 minutes.

Because the fact checker is the scoreboard on Wall Street.

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