Monday, July 13, 2009

Buy 'em!!!!

Boy, these bond traders are a tough bunch! I guess you get that way, when you trade 15, 25 and 40 lots of Governments! (25MM/lot).

So I put this piece out on Smart Cars, and I find this in my email.

The Smerrari
The Smorsche
The Smamborghini
The Smaudi A3 AWD
The Smorvette

All right, Jersey tough guys, your point is well taken!!!

But, speaking of trading, if these guys are whipping these bonds around, and having so much fun trading, how then are the earnings going to be for Goldman, JP Morgan, and BAC?

We know that Meredith already touted GS, which reports tomorrow. JPM reports Thursday, and BAC Friday. So it just leads me to one conclusion.

Buy 'em!

Now if you really need an excuse, here's a piece from Barclays, on the banks. Remember, Barclay's just upped their S&P target to 930, from 760--so don't think some of their bearishness, hadn't previously clouded their thinking, but the piece is very constructive.

If you need an excuse to get involved, you now have two.

Meredith and now Barclays.

Buy 'em!!!

Barclays Bank Earnings Preview - Goldberg


Romeo Tango said...

Self @ 2:05pm: "hmm...i hope that one pigeon isnt foolish enough to be puffing his chest out on today's move. has he learned NOTHING from the last four weeks?"

2:18pm: Disappointed, but shouldnt be surprised.

Such is the bovine folly.

palmoni said...

I had to put that post out just for you--it was the closest thing I could find to a bud that was on the green pricks..

You are right tho. It's just too hard for me to stay on the dark side except for a trade!

Let the manipulators manipulate!

I'm set up for it!