Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bullet points

  • Oil bottomed at $59 the other day, as advertised here. It is a BUY.
  • Bonds are done rallying. They are now SELLS, as they were on January 1.
  • The market sell-off is now OVER.


Anonymous said...

The market sell-off is now OVER
stealing ideas from Denis Kneale "the real deal"?

palmoni said...

I have a post on that coming already!

It really is terrible though, to admit that the guy in the foxhole with you is Kneale!

I actually think CNBC put him on to do his bullish show ala Harry Crumb...and now, it's spawning Saw!

Anonymous said...

when you say that Bonds are done rallying...do you mean treasuries will go down and rates back up? wondering if i should reallocate some of my 401k out of the PIGSX fund? any suggestions?


Palmoni said...

I think interest rates will start moving up from here

Anonymous said...

but not by a large percentage. I can not see TLT going much lower than 87, currently at 94.