Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beer pitcher wisdom

I stopped by at a watering hole after trading to talk with a buddy. It's always refreshing to talk to him, because he always tells it like it is.

So after a few beers, I asked him, "So how's the redhead with big tits?"

And he says, "Which one?"

I just about spit out my beer laughing. Traders are different. We assess odds. I did the math. A redhead? 25-1. Big tits? 20-1. So the odds are 500-1 already. I thought they were stacked against him!

And I said, "No--the realtor!"

He said, "She's struggling--she's long 40 houses."

I said, "No more booty calls?"

He says, "Didn't I say which one?"

I then asked him about the action on Wall Street. He thinks we're heading lower, but we're stuck in no man's land.

Then he gave me some beer pitcher wisdom. "You know how it is, when you don't give a woman a commitment? They don't want to give you any more action, but then they don't want you getting it elsewhere. So you get just enough to stay interested, but not enough to make a commitment. But neither of you can walk away."

"But no-one is really happy! And that's what's wrong with the market."

"And you can write that!"

So I did.

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