Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ammunition for the bulls

Today we had some:

10 year went well.

Bids in some NAZ names.

Success of the TALF auctions.

The breakdown in ICE on the melt in oil.

Breaking 880, to get the chart people out, in this muffin top market.

The other day Whitney Tilson, came out with another blistering piece on housing. The anti-dote to those 152 pages is just this: Housing affordability is at all time highs, new home sales are at depression levels, and better pricing in housing when foreclosed homes are excluded (and I know that's over 40% of the market).

A good macro piece, was put out this morning by Barclays. It's 60 pages of charts, data and decent information, and it is well worth the read.

It's one of the few Wall Street pieces that are worth looking at again.

Take a look.
Asset Allocation - July2009


Anonymous said...

your doc does not show - instead i get some error message in the doc window

Palmoni said...

Oh thanks I'll go and fix that. Click on the link at the top for and u can read it then

Anonymous said...

Is this information freely made available to the public or was it leaked by some paying clients?

Palmoni said...

You could surmise that an answer would be that it was made freely available to the public by a paying client!