Friday, February 4, 2011

Proof that the Steelers will lose the Super Bowl to the Packers

An "Immaculate Mercedes?"

Sorry--only one Samson.

And  just one immaculate conception, and only one  immaculate reception.

Next we'll hear that these Steeler babies were conceived by the Holy Ghost

And that's all they're getting. So Steeler fans, watch Franco again, because that's the only immaculate that you will get!

And an "Immaculate Mercedes" that has a Seminole license plate?

A Florida Steeler fan?

It just won't happen!

Just like you won't find someone on Wall Street that did immaculate touts like this!


Anonymous said...

What o what will he do when his beloved team loses?

I mean, you can't go around advertising that your team, and vicariously through them, you, are a loser.

What is a fan to do??

I know. Keep several cans of spray paint handy to cover up your embarrassment and shame.

This free advice brought to you by the inhouse sport troll.

Palmoni said...

hah hah!Heh inhouse sport troll-- Packer fans are gracious in defeat

And they have a sense of humor--which you just showed!

Anonymous said...

what are you doing with LVS shares?

Palmoni said...

Holding ridiculous this move down but we'll probably just sit here for a few weeks treading water

You have all these Chinese holidays that we will hear about but the weekly options are keeping a lid on the stocks action

A year from now the stock will be 60% higher but wLl street is so myopic but it is what it is

This week I've been playing ffiv and cmi they love the higher priced names the options have been real good on ffiv.

But really Sheldon had such a rip roaring call a few weeks back how did he not know? I think you have a lot of room for noise in earnings reports but the stock acted on the charts just like what the earnings looked like so I have to discard the conspiracy theory

I am pissed tho I had the 46 calls that expired today and I sold a third of them yesterday i was looking for a 700% move just cause I wanted to brag about it instead I got bagged on my profits

I thought we would of been up 4 instead of down 4 but that happened but the stock I'm holding

one thing about this market the more expensive the stock the easier it is too make money

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