Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Manitowoc Screams Higher!!

Booyah baby!!!

Remember this number?

Touted at 12, and also at $5.50?

Now knocking at the door of 17!!!

Crane business is better.

And what's more comical is that Jim Cramer says Ben Bernanke SAVED the company.

By keeping the spigot open, by making it so companies like Manitowoc could survive by doing bond offering after bond offering even as it missed its earnings estimates, Bernanke saved this American manufacturer and thousands of jobs that would have come with it. I have no doubt that the combination of a stressed balance sheet and a collapse of the crane market would have doomed MTW. Instead, it's flying high today.

How deep is he sticking his tongue up Bernanke's *ss?

But you had the tout here, disguised EVEN by Goldman.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Goldman's tout sheet

It looks to me like Goldman is actually tipping MTW--even though their target is just $12--they say it could be worth $19. That is if you are interested in a slower, lower priced name, that could have some upside.

GS1119 -

Another As Advertised!!!

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