Friday, February 4, 2011

Morgan Stanley's CEO--Jim, Jimmy or Jimbo Gorman

But Jimmy, or Jimbo, or Jim has to be called James!!

And he's the CEO of Morgan Stanley and he's worried about that???

Charlie "Gasbags" has the story:

To be sure, there's a good case to be made that the traditional Wall Street experience of rewarding the people who make the most money and take the most risk set the stage for the 2008 financial crisis in the first place. But Gorman hasn't really made the case he's the right guy to be CEO. For all the worry about his image, Gorman's obsession (and the obsession of his PR staff) with being called James doesn't help convince investors and analysts he's a serious executive.
"We all call him 'James don't call me Jim Gorman,'" said another analyst with a laugh.


Anonymous said...

hit pieces came out on you think they are probably right?

Palmoni said...

sold the stock in Nov when it spiked-I think I wrote about it

I saw the hit pieces--and who knows about these Chinese companies that have done the reverse mergers

It will probably bounce here but I don't play these small stocks much anymore

Anonymous said...

yes i remember you sold on the bounce...i understand why all the longs are mad...they are just following and reading reports and numbers and thus says it should be worht a lot but no one really knows.

i'm glad i sold out a few weeks ago but i feel bad for the longs. i'm just wondering how accurate MW and Citron can be.

i just hope we all didn't lose that much money going long on this...bouncing nicely now but who knows

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