Monday, February 7, 2011

Morgan Stanley helps out Regis' stock tout of Micron

Regis has been touting Micron, so Morgan Stanley moved it's target up a buck!

There's tightness in semiconductor land! Just sayin!

Hey Regis--How'd your Super Bowl picks do?

Just sayin! Free money from the man!!

As advertised!!!

MS 1 -


Anonymous said...


That's a shitload of Benjamins in your hand.

Another reason to love the Pack!


Anonymous said...

so what are you playing now? more mgm and lvs? mu?

Palmoni said...

FFIV CMI LEA AAPL also MGM and LVS have a little NILE here

cheap play on semi's are the Mar 36 on SMH at .88

I like ANF that has come in--so has TGT I think retail after the bad weather is fine

Palmoni said...

But I sold my calls on FFIV today since I bought them when the stock was at 111

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