Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another day--another As Advertised!!!

Wait--wasn't ANF touted last week at 50ish?

Another day, another As Advertised!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Aspirational" tweens

So, if you missed, FFIV last week, or CMI last week when they were advertised--only 15 and 6 points each--always free money on Wall Street--you can now take down some ANF, which has come in all that it can.

Wall Street's worried about snowy weather. Let 'em worry.

Those short the retail stocks should be worried about Spring!!

And a more biz friendly administration!


Anonymous said...


I figured I'll post this on the 2nd page of your blog so it doesn't get too much attention. Do you have any updates on what the the Colombian mining company is up to? I've heard some tidbits about some plans moving forward in March but the co. is keeping lipsealed about it. I'm figuring the company should be closing a financing deal soon.

Palmoni said...

The range of the independent valuation by the banker is close to a billion

but since it is a "private" company-that info is for accredited folk

if you go to the old website and Google some of the properties that they described you should be able to find some information that has happened recently to the properties proximate to theirs

my "opinion"

There are two times when people don't talk--when there isn't any information or when the information is really good

I'm "guessing" it's the latter

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the quick reply!

Is this billion dollar valuation by the banker for all the company's properties or just a select few? I saw Ventana Gold got bought out for roughly 1.3 billion and they have acreage that is just a fraction of the private co.

Anonymous said...


I'm assuming the banker valuation is for the three properties the company is working on at the moment. Alacran alone could fetch that valuation.

If I'm on the right track then you can delete these comments and I'll know my answer :) Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to bring up a sore subject, but I thought the natives had taken over one of their abandoned gold mines

Palmoni said...

OK--I see some action is going on here-Alacran and copper that could be huge--the abandoned gold mine?

Maybe some "natives" were panhandling in the area-and therefore that was interpreted to be abandoned

However, they had a deal with that--I think $7 million + $3 million investment -let me find the link

You can check that for yourself are far as what abandoned is worth

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