Thursday, February 3, 2011

Italy's Parliament: Hookers on iPads

However it was clear that rather than listen to the debate he was more interested in the ample charms of 'Dolly, 39' and 'Daisy' who charged £385 for three hours or £1,000 to stay the night.

‘I was looking at my messages when a window opened up and I couldn’t help looking at the pictures of those lovely girls.

‘I was just being curious. Sometimes you have to be in the house even when the debates are not exciting.

‘Sometimes these messages from girls just pop up when you are looking at your email. I have never been with an escort.’

Pressed about the incident, he said: ‘Look, this is all being blown out of context.

‘We only received the iPads a month ago and my fingers slipped as I was looking for the news pages.’