Monday, January 24, 2011

Wall Street's Temple takes it's cue from churches

In Florida, in 2005 we had 4 hurricanes. So after the 4th and final one, I went down, with the urging of a pretty young lady, on Sunday, to this full gospel church in Miami. And wouldn't you know it, when they had the music playing very melodramatically, someone came up with a "prophecy" in the church.

Heck, it could of been March 8, 2009 if it was on Wall Street with their timing!

And amongst the emotional music, the man, emphatically emphasized that this was just the beginning of the hurricanes in Florida, as this was the "beginning of sorrows." Hurricane Katrina, which had already smacked New Orleans, was just a harbinger of things to come!

Hell, if I could of shorted a "prophecy" I would of gone all in on that one.

So we had all these amens, and head noddings, and then, the priest, in front of the cameras warned the viewing audience of the natural disasters yet to come.

You know what this was? It was a Meredith Whitney moment. Or a Dr. Roubini proclamation. Or a David Rosenberg screed.

So where is Wall Street's accountability?

It's the same as the churches!

They're always forgiving of their own!

And they sell the story, when the masses are ready and gullible to believe.

And then, when that story doesn't sell any more, they sell you another. To ply your hard earned money from your pocket.

The difference is, the churches and temples sell a message because for the most part, they're concerned with your soul.

Wall Street, on the other hand, sells their message, so they can steal your money.  They think, that's their tithe!

And then, they advertise that they are just doing the "Lord's work!"

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