Monday, January 17, 2011

Jets back up their mouths with smash mouth football!!

Well, now it's time to cheer the J-E-T-S.

Got to give it to them.

They dismantled the Patriots!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing how mediocre Brady looks when he gets pressured a little. Just like in the superbowl, put some heat on him and hes throwing the ball into the ground again and again.

But the Pats in general looked so lethargic in all areas. No fire at all. No sense of urgency to step it up.

Anonymous said...

Next weekend will prove interesting, I'm thinking it's a Steelers / Packer Super Bowl. But then again, like all predictions, it's probably wrong and / or wishful thinking.

With that said, the tension's so great this week, that I'll need to transition to comfort food between now and Sunday - beer and brats!

Go Pack!