Saturday, January 8, 2011

Seahawks and Jets win outright!! As advertised!


Picking football games is as easy as playing this market!!

And the Jets, of course, win with the kick of a foot in the last seconds!

How tough is that?

Easy money!

And the Seahawks whip the Saints!

Come on---the Saints had one so called "miracle" season.  So what. The perma bears got lucky also--And now look at them!


Once again, easy, and free money for the taking!!!!


Anonymous said...

win outright? as oppose to winning how? winning postponed? winning delayed? winning conditionally?

Palmoni said...

As opposed to just covering the spread!!

They were both dogs, and if you take the money line they paid really well

In Seattle you made over 5X your money if you bet that they would win "outright"--of course if Seattle lost by less than 11, and you took the points you won the bet anyway