Monday, January 10, 2011

Seismic activity during Marshawn Lynch's TD run

Vidale said (from the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network) a seismic monitoring station located about 100 yards west of the stadium registered seismic activity during Lynch's run. The shaking was most intense during a 30-second stretch about the time Lynch broke free from the line of scrimmage, finished off his touchdown and celebrated in the end zone with his teammates.

Another view 

And here's the seismic on the run

101 - 103: Ball hiked.
105 - 107: Marshawn Lynch hits the hole.
107 - 109: Lynch breaks through the line.
110 - 112: Lynch breaks another tackle.
112 - 114: Lynch shoves Saints cornerback Tracy Porter, knocking him 5 yards downfield.
117 - 119: Lynch crosses the goal line, corresponding to the biggest burst of energy.
159 - 161: Extra-point is kicked by Olindo Mare.
179 - 181 Possibly the replay was shown in the stadium.
168 - 170: Replay possibly shown in slow motion.
213 - 215: Seattle kicks off to the Saints, play resumes.

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