Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will Goldman "pre-announce"

We had Citi who said they earned $8.3 billion before writedowns, and JPM said that they were profitable, so when is Goldman Sachs going to pre-announce "good" earnings?

Isn't that the script of the banker's pump?

After all, Goldman's expense account have to be helping earnings.

Everyone's staying at Embassy Suites!

Staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel in lower Manhattan has its perks: The nightly manager's happy hour features free beer and popcorn. Flash a room key and earn a seat at the complimentary all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet and a 10% discount at the Chevy's Mexican-style restaurant next-door.

Some of the bankers aren't happy with the switch. "No one's supposed to complain out loud, but, let's face it, we're spoiled," says one Goldman employee. "They turned us into hotel snobs."

Now, Goldman's travel services directs its 20,000-odd out-of-town employees -- from partners down to junior analysts -- to the Embassy Suites in lower Manhattan. Nicknamed "Hotel Goldman" by employees, it offers them a special corporate rate of $250 a night. When Goldman people visit other cities, the company directs them to hotels at which it has negotiated rates.

But so far, Goldman employees aren't working the hotel's front desk.

That's been outsourced!

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