Monday, March 23, 2009

No Apology needed!

The confidence men of doom, were out in force this morning. Just take a look at all the stories panning TARP II today. I suppose that after today's 500 point rally, these journalists just might engage in some soul searching and some revisionist thinking!

It fact, the "best" blogger on the internet called it, "Geithner's Plan, A Giant Confidence Game."

In Herman Melville's book, The Confidence-Man, Chapter IX, titled Two Businessman Conduct a Transaction we read "professors of the wicked act of manufacturing depressions..return like sham Lazaruses."

At the end of January, we were visiting Lazarus in Dante's Hell, when he was visiting the financials.

But Lazarus had a resurrection at the market bottom!

Now you could of read about Wall Street's recovery here, before it happened, with an AA chip thrown in so you would remember.

But the ninth step in AA is the "apology." No apology was needed for those calls!

"The Apology" was also the ninth episode, of the ninth season of Seinfeld, when Stanky Hanky, had to apologize, as the ninth step in his AA recovery.

And the ninth step in Dante's hell, is when they meet Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness.

Maybe these confidence men should listen to the 4th track (After all, the fourth step in the bears rehabilitation is, also the 4th step in AA-"When you make the searching and fearless moral inventory of yourselves.") of The Confidence Man musical, when Julia Murney sings Edging into Darkness. The song will make you search yourself!

up in smoke
catching into darkness,
easing into darkness,
fading into darkness,
nothing near me,
stumbling into darkness,
groping into darkness,
calling into darkness,
can you hear me?

You can listen to the track here, to hear the haunting, wonderful lyrics.

The great lyricist, Ray Errol Fox, wrote The Confidence Man. His blog is The Son of the Cucumber King!

Maybe this song can start the bears rehabilitation from darkness!

Now these Wall Street gangsters, with their naked shorting, have been systematically looting the stock exchange, by driving down prices and raiding stocks. That story is here.

We used to have "pump and dump" and then it morphed into "short and distort." It was helped along by the incompetent SEC under Bush's watch.

But now that this Government is all in, we see these scoundrels for what they really are. They're just confidence men, manufacturing stories of the depression, who hate the market's resurrection!

Which brings me back to the Seinfeld "The Apology" episode. (In AA, they say, that once you've become a pickle, you can't go back to being a cucumber. Which is why Jerry's girlfriend struggled opening a pickle jar, instead of peanut butter!)

What happens when you're naked, and nobody is interested in your story?

Jerry's girlfriend was just like the bears! We've seen too much of their nakedness!

And it's not "good naked" it's "bad naked!"

(I have some friends that struggle with or have recovered from alcoholism. When you read this, know that today, I was thinking of you.)


Ray Errol Fox / Son of the Cucumber King said...

Thank you for your compliments, particularly the one of quoting me (Is there any greater compliment for a writer?). I would like to have made this less public, but was unable to find a way to e-mail you--an oversight both of our sites should address. Nevertheless, my prolonged search afforded me a second opportunity to confirm for myself how interesting your points of views are and how fine your site is.

Is Goldwater (or Goldwasser?) really your daughter? If so, you are appropriately proud. I forwarded the address to my daughter, who shared some of the same recent high points with yours.

Judging from your profile, you and I share at least one significant interest. Let's solve that e-mail problem so I can ask a few questions.

My thanks again,


Ray Errol Fox / Son of the Cucumber King said...

Wall Street Manna is a Favorite Link on Son of the Cucumber King-- Palmoni, you'll enjoy "IF GOD HAD BLOGGED."

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