Thursday, March 19, 2009

What happened to $30 oil? And more "real stories!"

Now we have oil over $50!

But does anybody really talk about why oil went up?

They didn't because they were too busy lying!

You had China say it had filled up their strategic oil reserve. Why would China tell us their state secrets? At least here, you were told it was BS. You needed to buy it on that news.

You had Fast Money on CNBC say oil wouldn't rally because of the 32 million barrels in storage container ships. At least here you were told that was BS. That oil was in storage on ships, because oil was in a bullish contango, and refiners were trading around their inventory. It's not a soundbite, but it was the real story.

But the real reason oil was down, was because the traders were just front running the USO, and using the USO to game the system, and make profits. When the USO asked for an investigation, the games stopped, and oil is now $10 higher. At least that was the real story. And you had it here.

And the play on oil, was to short the double crude short ETF, the DTO, which was just another Wall Street product designed to fail. I said you needed to short that at 231 to profit from oil's surge, and explained the reasons why, how you could work Wall Street's scam for your benefit. You already have 80 points in that and counting! At least that was the real story. And you had it here.

You had all the stories, and all the roadmap, here.

Now I've given you the same roadmap, and the same stories about this market, but some may find them hidden, with all the outside stories that I intertwine.

If I didn't throw in some numerology or biblical dissertations, Wall Street would take me seriously; so how can I advertise what will happen, and not get Wall Street to act on it?

Today, the TALF is now up and running. Who are the buyers for the TALF merchandise? The hedge funds. And does anybody think they can play games shorting stocks if they are feeding at the government trough?

Oh that's right, we had that story here.

And here. The real story.

You had the behind the scenes clothesline of the bears, by the White House, before it happened, here, hidden by a cross. The real story.

Now it's happening.

When Obama said that stocks were good buys, we had financial journalists saying he didn't even understand PE ratios, because he said "profit to earnings!"

Why would those who criticize him get it right? Aren't these journalists spoon fed tips by the bears?

Who's laughing now?

And who will be laughing with Obama when he's on Jay Leno tonight!

I will, while the bears panic!

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