Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Killer Wasps invade

I've had a massive bee hive outside in the rafters of my house, and a couple years back, they disappeared but then they reappeared again this season.

Sometimes, they were able to wiggle their way into my house.

Then the bees disappeared. Without a trace.

A few days ago, I had one of these "killer" wasps drop in through the rafters. It seems as though I've traded a massive hive a bees for a small swarm of wasps!

And that's like this market. The hive of bees were the shortsellers.

Now they have been neutered so much, that you only have the the strongest short sellers left.

But you can pick them off easily. There's not so much of them!

And to get started, just take a look at this piece, written 10 days ago. Every pick moved 50-100% in a couple of weeks, except for the steel stocks.

Didn't anyone listen to Buffett this morning? The spreads in the banks will be enormous.
WFC at 9
USB at 9

How about industrial companies?
IP at 4
GE at 7
AA at 5

How about steel?
X at 17
NUE at 32
AKS at 6

Now you need to buy the steels!

Look at the "Government" stocks.

Have you seen the moves in FNM, FRE and AIG? If these numbers, had that move with the short squeeze, what is going to happen to the companies that aren't going to be diluted?

Take some steel
AKS 6.94
X 19.17

Take some coal
BTU 27.03
(The dollar leveraged play on coal is NCOC at 1.10)

The aluminum and metal horserace
AA 5.48
TIE 5.22


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