Tuesday, March 24, 2009

George David's salacious divorce trial

He spent $200,000 a week giving her anything she wanted. Four or five furs. At least a half-dozen $26,000 Birken handbags. Weekends yachting off Sardinia.

She never had to lift a finger except to swipe his American Express card.

She doesn't even own her own $190,000 diamond engagement ring, for which he retains the title to this day, her lawyer charged. David admitted as much in his testimony it's technically his ring. But she should be content with having "constructive" possession of it, he explained.

"When you gave her her engagement ring, did you tell Mrs. David that while she was going to have physical dominion over it, she did not actually own her engagement ring?" the countess' celebrity divorce lawyer, William Beslow, asked the mogul.

He answered, "I took the position consistently that she had it constructively. I said to her, it's absolutely it's constructively yours."

Since her husband used to be CEO of United Technologies, and was paid $88 million in 2005, and averaged $37 million annual compensation the previous five years, and even in 2007, his last full year of CEO, he picked up $65 million, look for him, and this trial, to shine the light on other executives and their outlandish, excessive compensation.

After all, doesn't UTX feed at the Government trough for it's defence business?

Look at their 2007 annual report, and the centerfold of the pictures of UTX's leadership on page 8-9.

Big business, big ego's and big Government contracts, with big serious looks.

And an ex-wife that competes with Posh for Birkin bags!

At least Ms. Beckham's bags, weren't subsidized by shareholder money!

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