Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bank of America ramps--As advertised!

But it's just getting started! What's the difference between 7 and 12?

In valuation, in Bank of America, there isn't any!

Now let's take a look at what I said about Bank of America. Last week I said it was the Bank of opportunity!

Look at the calls on BAC. They are way too cheap. The May 5's are only $1.31, and the April 6's are only .59. You have a double and a triple in these numbers within the week. (I'm not advertising the March calls, because I own them.)

What happened?

The May 5 calls closed today at $3.35 up 255%!

The April 6 calls closed today at $2.22 up 376%

I advertised a double and a triple in a week, and you got it.

As advertised!!

But with Bernanke's quantitative easing, now you will get double digits on BAC by next week!

Do you think some of these bears should take off their veil?

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