Monday, March 16, 2009

Look at tech

Why not? Weren't we told that tech won't lead this market?

Wouldn't it be most frustrating for the bears for these stocks to go up while their earnings are going down? And if tech stocks, with declining earnings will be going up, what will happen to those stocks that still have rising earnings?

They'll be re-appraised on the Wall Street auction!

Does anybody really think that the eBay franchise isn't worth more than the $12 that Wall Street gives it?

We have the bears telling the world that the storage companies are heading into the soup, because the average Joe is packing up his items, and bringing them home.

If this stuff was only good enough for storage, is his stuff only good enough for a yard sale? What's he going to do? Just get buyers from Can you imagine someone swapping a garden hoe for a massage?

The public can't call up Sotheby's like Steven Cohen, and lend their stuff for an exhibit to drum up business, so they need to sell it online. Munch's Madonna and a plastic Virgin Mary statue on Grandma's dresser aren't exactly the same things!

So sell your stuff on eBay, but don't sell the stock.

Because the best part of eBay is that Meg Whitman, and her legacy is gone!

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