Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gordon Brown's dressing down in Parliament

Look at Daniel Hannan dressing down Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of England in Parliament:

You are pathologically incapable of accepting responsibility for these things, it's that you are carrying on willfully, worsening our situation, wantonly spending what little we have left...

You know and we know and you know that we know that it's nonsense. Everyone knows that Britain is worse off than any other country as we go into these hard times...

They can see what the markets have seen: that you are the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government.'

So Gordon brown wastes billions and billions of taxpayer money, and the papers don't cover the dressing down he took. Instead, they cover Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's husband, who watched a couple porno movies at home, and billed it to his wife's expense allowance!

She said she'll pay back the 10 quid her husband spent, but she won't pay back the £116,000 of expenses she has socked the taxpayer living in the back bedroom of her sister's home, of which she calls her main residence, or the annual £200,000 security cost!

Looks like we have more than the birthing of Labour pains!

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