Friday, March 20, 2009

Chris Dodd "clarifies" his AIG relationship

Look at the cover of Newsday Long Island today.

Chris Dodd's home paper, the Hartford Courant, had Chris Dodd's flip flop on AIG's bonuses story plastered all over the front page, as he "clarifies" his remarks.

Dodd said "it was a misconstruction of the question."

Even his supporters are now questioning him:

"Then I watched him on television this morning about all these recent developments. He was like a different person. He was not confident in his responses to questions. He looked squirrelly. I'd say my opinion has changed.",0,363473.story

Now Dodd is returning the $103,000 of AIG contributions to his campaign.

We'll see how Goldman Sachs clarifies it's AIG relationship today!

But they won't be giving any money back!

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