Friday, March 13, 2009

RIMM ready to rally-Ignore the analysts!

RIMM was downgraded to a sell and a $30 target by Think Equity today.

Are they kidding me? What planet are they on?

We saw GOOG take on hit on Eric Schmidt's cautious comments, and it closed Monday at 290, and now it is already up 33 points from that low.

The same with Apple. We heard cautious comments, and that stock was hit Monday down to 83. Now it's 96, with rumours of a new product introduction.

So now some joker at Think Equity is going to tell us that RIMM is a sell???

Give me a break.

RIMM traded heavy yesterday, and then only grudgingly rallied at the close. Now you know why. Nothing is done in a vacuum on Wall Street.

But this call, will let those that want to buy RIMM, in.

Just like stupid comments gave buyers a chance to buy AAPL and GOOG this week at bargain prices.

When a stock like RIMM is ready to turn, they reverse grudgingly, like it did yesterday, and then it looks good on the chart. The next day it reverses and then looks bad on the chart. That is today.

You need to buy it on that day.

And now you have help.

Think Equity downgraded the stock, to help you get it cheaper!

Take it!

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Anonymous said...

Good Call.