Sunday, March 15, 2009

Remember why we had to bail out AIG?

Taxpayer money went to these institutions:

$12.9 billion to Goldman Sachs, and with their $10 billion from the TARP, the taxpayer aided Goldman with $22.9 billion.

BofA/Merrill Lynch, who got $45 billion from the TARP, picked up another $12 billion from the taxpayer with the AIG bailout, putting their tab at $57 billion.

You sent some taxpayer money overseas also. $11.8 billion from the AIG bailout went to Deutsche Bank, and $11.9 billion of taxpayer money went to SocGen.

And Barclays, who picked up billions of dollars from the Lehman bailout, was aided with another $8.5 billion dollar gift from you, the taxpayer!

Ben Bernanke, said he would not tell the Congressman, or the public, the names of AIG's counterparties.

So whose side is Bernanke on?

Remember that when you watch 60 Minutes tonight!

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