Monday, March 9, 2009

The market bet

Either we turn here, or the public will soon find out every back door deal that our Government has done with the financials, and every back door pay deal where upper management has stolen money from the shareholders.

And if stock prices don't start going higher, we'll soon have every pension, and insurance company in this country on the ropes, and soon every American will be sweating their pensions.

And if the economy doesn't soon start to turn, unemployment will ratchet markedly higher, and the seeds of social unrest will blossom faster than this financial crisis has developed.

But to even talk about what could go right, would label you as a poisoned pollyanna.

We have a new cottage industry that has grown up, disparaging anything that has a viewpoint, that doesn't embrace Armageddon.

It seems that every Wall Street shill, that has lost their bonus, stock portfolio, or mistress, has now decided to use their talents warning the world that financial calamity will now befall the rest of this country, provided of course, they can be compensated chronicling this country's fall into the abyss of the coming depression!

There is no question, that we face unprecedented times, and that unprecedented amounts of money have been lost, and the wealth of the people have been taken away.

But Wall Street seems to forget that wealth is not measured by how much you have or lose, but by how you handle what you have or what you have lost. That's the wealth that can't be taken away.

And unlike Wall Street, Main Street has already recognized this fact, and they have developed a steely resolve to make things better.

They are the people that aren't worried that their neighbor may be getting some help, because that person, that is getting the help is their neighbor!

The sooner Wall Street recognizes and embraces this simple truism, the sooner we can get out of this mess.

Or they can have their own Armageddon.

That's the bet.


Anonymous said...

Die, fucker

Palmoni said...

Doesn't look that way!!!