Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maria Bartiroma's "conviction"

Today, Maria was back at it with her "investigative" journalism again. She's now talking about "conviction" again.

Are you seeing any "conviction" by the buyers; do we see any "conviction" by the traders or do we see any "conviction" in the order flow?

Well, get used to it. We are in a new bull market, and now we'll have to hear "conviction" by Maria when talking to traders, whose idea of conviction is front running the order from those with "conviction" who now trade in "dark pools" because they don't want the street to see their conviction!

And it will be all "breathlessly reported" from the floor, from the woman who has conviction that John Thain was a man of integrity!

Thursday, the house will be studying how to prosecute those "white collar criminals" that burned down our financial system, along with the public's pension and 401K's.

And next week, the judge will have an answer if we can see where Merrill's bonus money went. And why John Thain, never paid back BofA for his "remodeled" office, that this man of integrity said that he would!

Who knows, maybe Thain won't have an acquittal but a conviction!

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