Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lay-offs even hit Sesame Street

The recession has spread from Wall Street to Sesame Street. The home of Elmo and Oscar the Grouch announced on Wednesday that it would eliminate a fifth of its 355-strong workforce as market turmoil ate into its income and assets.

Sesame Workshop, the 41-year-old non-profit educational organisation behind the Sesame Street television programmes, toys and community projects, said on Wednesday it was “not immune to the unprecedented challenges of today’s economic environment”.

Come on, now we are having layoffs at Sesame Street because their portfolio took a hit? Even educational TV marks the bottom!

Remember "Lazarus come forth!" raised the dead.

So tomorrow we'll hear "Forbearance, come forth!" and the market will rise!

Why "Lazarus?"

Isn't this bull market "The Number of the Beast?"

And in Heinlein's The Number of the Beast, don't the characters visit the fictional world of Lazarus Long?

And isn't that what most prognosticators would call this new bull market?

A work of fiction?

But would Lazarus Long be short?