Thursday, March 12, 2009

The bulls proof of life!

Looks like some of the bears are getting run in on this market; on this new bull market that started at S&P 666.

And what the shorts don't realize is that confidence is a dangerous thing.

Think about that. If you are short, are you confident here?

And if you were a long suffering bull, would you be confident?

So who's buying?

How about those who haven't yet invested?

How about those short, that need to cover?

How about those underinvested, that need to catch up, with the coming stampede into stocks?

Look at oil today. The gyrations in that number were just traders gaming the USO. Yesterday, the bears took the drop in oil, as "proof" that we were heading lower.

Today it's the "proof of life!"

Maybe the bears should watch that movie.

When circumstances change, you have to change your strategy.

It's the proof of life!

Now Cesium 137, also has an album called Proof of Life, and everyone knows Cesium is radioactive.

But isn't $137 billion the amount of Wall Street bonuses paid out from 2004-2007?

Wall Street bonuses are now radioactive!

And the market bet is, that this market goes higher, or nobody get's paid!

It's so easy, but the physicists on Wall Street can't figure it out!

In fact, the New York Times had an article on these quants, just a couple of days ago, who now want to get back to physics, because Wall Street has now become unrewarding!

Here's that story, with the headline:

They Tried to Outsmart Wall Street

Asked to compare her work to physics, one quant, who requested anonymity because her company had not given her permission to talk to reporters, termed the market “a wild beast” that cannot be controlled, and then added: “It’s not like building a bridge. If you’re right more than half the time you’re winning the game.” There are a thousand physicists on Wall Street, she estimated, and many, she said, talk nostalgically about science. “They sold their souls to the devil,” she said, adding, “I haven’t met many quants who said they were in finance because they were in love with finance.”

The beast that can't be controlled? It's the beast that betrays only when you don't know what it portrays!

Maybe these physicists should try to study "emotion" instead of numbers.

And any number but 666, would allow these quants with their equations to proclaim the start of something new.

But their subconscious won't allow them to believe, what is now clearly seen.

This market, now has "The Proof of Life!"

Even if it started with the number of the beast, that these physicists couldn't control!

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