Saturday, December 1, 2007

The housing "teaser" rate extension

The government plan, to allow people to "keep" their home by extending the "teaser" rate is being met with derision by some on Wall Street, especially those of the bearish persuasion. The "spin" by the government is that losing a home is an emotional experience, and gosh darn it, Washington and the bankers are helping the homeowners out. And it makes Wall Street seethe.

Why the antipathy for this plan?

Because it prevents the banks and lending institutions from foreclosing on the homeowner and owning the real estate. So the plan, the bears say "saves" the banks from collapse. So Wall Street gets all sanctimonious. Why? Because now their bets against the banks are going against them. Wall Street could care less if you lose your home. But they care deeply, when they start losing money. And now they are in a panic to cover their wayward bets.

Gov. Schwarzenegger first applied the muscle to the mortgage companies in California. But the smug shorts didn't blink. Now the Treasury is working with all the major lenders to implement a plan similar to his.

Ever see the movie "Twins?" Remember the first rules of a crisis situation? You negotiate first, and then you attack. Schwarzenegger negotiated, and then Washington attacked. They followed the script and the shorts didn't.

And the bears, forgot the first rule of a panic.

If you panic, panic first!


Palmoni said...

Hey I read the blog. I noticed the name is Genesis. Here's a question for you. In math, what are the two most important numbers in math? And if you get that, I'll show you the wildest way to pick stocks in the world.

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but you have to admit that Genesis has many good points.

Of course logic does not make a market and we may go up from here in the short term until.... BOOM!!!!

Palmoni said...

In Genesis, if you convert the Hebrew letters to the numbers they represent, and convert the names of the stocks to the number that represents that stock, then you can have the names of the stocks from the one who knows the future..

example GOOG (Google) the stock, is represented by the number e, the mathematical constant 2.718.
When Google had it's IPO, the offering documents indicated they would raise $2,718,281,828, or e. So e is GOOG's number.

But you'd have to believe he created the earth by wisdom, and then you'd have the first step. If you take the prime factors of the sum of the letters of Genesis 1:1, which equal 2701, then the prime factors of 2701 are 37X73.

Wisdom in Hebrew,by converting the letters to numbers adds to 73. The ordinal value of the letters in wisdom equals 37-so you have 37 and 73. 2701 reversed =1072 and added to 2701=3773

why the palindrome? well 6% of the DNA in your body is a palindrome..which is what makes you..your genetic markers read the same from r to l and l to r

So when it says the world was created by Wisdom, numerically it is consistent in OT and NT

In greek, in John 1:1 it says the world was created by the "word" of G-d. logos, the Greek word for "word", when converted to numbers and added equals the value of 373

So you have two different languages with two different sets of numbers that represent the letters, numerically consistent desrcibing the creative act

What's this have to do with the stock market? Genesis 1:1, if you convert the letters into numbers, and multiply them together times the 28 letters, and divide it by the value of the seven words x the 7 words it gives you pi.

John 1:1, using the same technique, gives you e, the mathematical constant

and then you're halfway there...

Anonymous said...

Moody's U.S. Home Equity Index Composite showed that the rate of loans at least 60 days past due or that entered the foreclosure process was 16.53 percent in September.

That's more than double the 7.93 percent rate a year earlier, and more than triple the 4.99 percent level in June 2005. The rate was 15.23 percent in August.