Saturday, December 8, 2007

John 1:1

The above is John 1:1. The numbers work in Hebrew and in Greek, of which the Bible was written in the Old and New Testament. The creative agent of creation was the "word" or logos, as it is written Greek, and it adds to 373. In Genesis 1:1, Creation is defined in numbers as 2701, which has it's prime factors of 37x73. 2701 reversed and added gives you 3773. Why the palindrome? The palindrome DNA in your body assures you of your uniqueness. It's the same here, but it's simpler if you convert it to numbers. The world was created by wisdom, and wisdom in Hebrew in ordinal numbers adds to 37, and in the letters they represent adds to 73.

Now if I take the letters in John 1:1, and (multiply them together x the number of the letters), and then divide that by the (words multiplied x the number of the words), you get, e, the mathematical constant=2.718 x 10^40.

What's this have to do with Google? Google is the storehouse of information to the world, and it's success has delegated the word Googol to the dustbin. Google was fortuitously named, and GOOG's "number code" is e, or 2.71828828. And what if Google was just named Googol? You're back to the missing e!

Let's convert GOOGOL's English letters to their Greek equivalents. gamma, omicron, omicron, gamma, omicron lambda. It doesn't look like anything, unless you convert the Greek letters into their numerical value. Then you have this: 3 70 70 3 70 30. See googol, was named by a nine year old kid, because it defined what googol was. And Google's e? Well now you have epsilon, instead of omicron, a 5 instead of 70. It throws of the number scheme!

And isn't it ironic that Google's "number" is e, and it's also the number that was the clue that this would be a great stock. How is that? If you understand those numbers that are reserved for Biblical meanings, then you can understand how seeming random chances of fate, are pre-determined and known, by the author who states he is "the word of G-d."

So the check with the misspelled word? It wasn't fortuitous chance. And somewhere down the line, when Google decided to change their name from "Backrub" to Google, it was an Abram to Abraham moment.

And it is so obvious, and clear, that everyone misses it.

But Google had it's revenge. What's it's symbol? GOOG. Gamma omicron, omicron gamma. Convert those to numbers and you have 3 70 70 3. 3773! We're back to where we started!

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